Thursday, March 20, 2008

I got a new phone, but I'll still pay $5 for the old one...

I caved yesterday and signed a new 2 year contract with sprint, thus getting a free new phone. I got the Sanyo S1. We had to do it anyway. My contract was up in April. The screen on my phone used to pixelate(?) so badly I couldn't read it. I just want the phone numbers out of it.
By the way

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thanks Matt for 2 wonderful Years

Well since Matt made a new blog I guess that means I need to as well. I have really enjoyed the years of visiting and learning more about each of your lives. I also really enjoyed having a blog of my own to write on. In fact it is the most successful that I have ever felt at journaling. Thanks Matt for all of your hard work in keeping our blogs running and clean. However, I understand the reason for changing over to blogger. Just one last request, big brother, (well maybe) can you tell me how to archive all of my old entry's so I don't loose that information? I'm confident that we will all still keep in touch this way as well. By the way has anyone found my cell phone yet?