Saturday, August 20, 2011

more Pictures

Daddy and Isabelle at Joseph Smith's home in Palyra NY
 Patterson Farms October 2010
 Josh in Bucket August 2011
Steers and Sneaky Josh August 2011 
Rocky River Reservation

Squashy Joshy chachi

I was just thinking today about how fat Josh used to be.  This is him almost exactly a year ago!  So cute!  I love this little boy.  Here is a picture of another little boy I love.  I had fun playing with this picture in my editor.  He is holding my favorite little boy at the church's Kirtland site in the saw mill.  So Cute!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

To a New Beginning

I am so excited for school to start and not because Abby is leaving.  I am excited for the new beginning.  I am excited for the new routine-ahhh blessed routine.  I am excited to enjoy new friendships and rekindle old friendships.  I am excited for a long and healing fall.  I am excited to have some reason to say that we can start over and bring out fresh crayons and fresh perspectives.  I am ready to let go of old weighty things and start floating.