Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Circus Tickets

Memories and Mayhem is hosting a give away to Cleveland Circus.  The tickets are good for Josh's first birthday.  rachel's Blog is where you can go to sign up.  And hey if you live in Texas and want to sign up and give them as a birthday gift to Josh there would be no objections...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Cute, no really cute...

Abby recieved her first flowers from a boy.  His name is John.  Yeah he's like 4.  He got the teacher 1 flower and then gave Abby 3 flowers.  There are 5 other girls in her class and they got none.  Adam was there when it happened.  He said John was a nice boy but at the same time he didn't really like him moving in on his daughter.  Adam 'accidentally' forgot to bring Abby's flowers home from preschool so there are no pictures.  Just a cute memory.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Talk Like A Pirate Day is TOMORROW!!!

 My TALPD name will be Calico Ethel Flint! Yay! Abby's name will be Captain Morgan Bonney (go here for your own name).  tlapd


Every baby of mine is equipped with two radars.  The first one is wether I am within an appropriate range of them.  The second is how many diapers are left.  If the stack cannot last more than 5 days then it is time to have explosive, recurring diahrrea.  It's almost as if the last 5 days of the diaper stack are the chocolate part of neopolitan ice cream.  It must be the best part of the stack.  They must feel better.  They must absorp better.  More worthy of greater deposits than their predecesors.   I wonder if in there hidden language infants brag about wearing the last diapers of the stack.  "Hey baby,  I'm on 5th to the last.  Yeah I saw we were getting low so I sucked on the toy at the gym just like you showed me.  Kept my mom busy this afternoon if you know what I mean.  How 'bout you?"

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Today at church I sat next to a friend and she had the most awesome sunburn.  I miss my texas home so much.  I wished that I could touch her and have some of the sun melt off of her and onto me. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Baby Bob

Here is a sweet one of Bob.

Baby Sean

I haven't been able to take a lot of pictures of Sean but here is a really sweet one of him sleeping.

Baby Bob's Blessing

I Miss the Laptop

We currently own 2 computers.  I know, know; the luxury, the luxury.  Our desk top is from 1999 and has less memory than my ipod.  The other is a newer laptop that Adam has as an appendage.  Since we have 0 memory on our desk top I cannot load our pictures onto it.  Since adam has the laptop as an appendage I cannot load our pictures onto it.  It is very frusterating because there are some really cute ones from this weekend.  Grrrrrrr.  Anyway we will probably invest in a new desk top during black friday.  Until then we will all suffer with sporadic pictures.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I wish I had the guts to live my life the way I want to live it. I'm a little embarassed to say that I don't even know all the major parts of what that would be. I guess with the move and with Adam gone all the time and being at the mercy of my children I've felt a little out of control. A little like I'm not sure of who I am or what I want exactly. Part of this probably comes from comforting myself that I will make it back into school. Everyone around me is going to school and it kills me a little bit. I really loved school and want to go back very badly. I like the learning and writing and testing part of school.
Part of it is arranging a schedule. I think that I've got this somewhat figured out. But I wish that I could do more.
A lot of this has to do with starting over. We are starting over. New place, new school, new people, new house, new doctor, new everything. But there are limits, like feeling scared to ask people to watch my kids, feeling scared to ask people over, learning to clean a new house and having people come over and see my disorganized house...Learning a new ward and a new city...definitely learning a new way to live. Amidst all of this I wish I had more guts to live the way I want to live. Whatever that is. Maybe the sense to know exactly what that statement means.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I have been completely exhausted lately. I feel like a flat tire. It probably has something to do with the stress of hauling my family across the nation and adjusting to a new state, climate, ward, schedule, etc. I've been so tired and icky feeling that I even took a pregnancy test *negative*. I'm hoping that some zyrtec will help with the icky feeling and that just a little bit of time will help the rest. Abby has been exhibiting stress in her peeing way. It is much better today. She told me that she in nervous to start preschool. Personally I am counting down the days (first visit is on Friday). She is so bored and hyper all the time. I haven't decided if we are going to do mornings or afternoons. We're signed up for the mornings but I will always be late for the classes I have been going to at Bally's. A lame reason I know but still a factor.
Josh started clapping today! It was so cute. I will post a video of it soon. He has had a cold. We took him to the doctor today. He's healthy, except they worry that he doesn't eat any solid foods. The pediatrician mentioned popsicles. He tried one today. Stuck out his little red tongue and then pulled a face whenever I put the popsicle on it. He seemed to like it though snot and all.
Adam has his first test today. He is taking it now and I don't know when we will find out the results. He has been gone the last two days. We miss him.