Sunday, November 29, 2009

If Pictures could smell...

Some of you would remember the time that I wore so much of Mommy's perfume that Budfat, our pet rat, had a hard time breathing.  I walked around reaking for quite sometime convinced that I smelled beautiful.  Like a whole garden of flowers. 
This morning Abby got into my perfume.  I smelled her before I saw her and could smell her wherever she went.  Eventually the tide faded and she only left a small puddle of perfume when she left.  I don't blame the girl for wanting to smell pretty.  Maybe next time I can convince her to smell just a little bit less.

Birthday lunch

We went to Applebees for my birthday lunch.  I had some offers to watch our children, but I declined thinking that it would be "fun" to have them come would have been better to take someone up on their offer.

I don't know how to make that picture rotate right so if you don't mind crank your neck and look at it.  We had a yummy lunch.  Josh ate ketchup, Abby looked at her hot dog, and Adam and I had steak.  We had a good time and resolved not to take the kids out with us except to McDonalds.

New Computer

Yes,  I am so excited that I am posting about my new computer.   This is the difference that a decade makes in size:

Old 1999- The box did not fit in the desk, the monitor barely fit on top of the desk.

Plenty of room!

So sleek and shiny!

I can't say enough of the difference in speed!  And the memory, ooooh the memory.  I love having a new computer!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Late Twenties

Yesterday was my late twenties birthday.  It was a delightful day.  I woke up early (for the black friday sales ofcourse!) to snow.  I was very suprised.  For some reason I didn't expect snow until January or February.  It was beautiful.  I went to just a few stores before Adam called me home for breakfast.  He and the kids made me eggs, bacon, french toast, and yummy hot chocolate.  I had a heavenly uninterrupted nap and a lazy afternoon.  I opened presents with the kids and Larry and Teresa.  Thanks everyone!  In the evening I was able to make our final black friday purchase.  A new computer! Yay!  I had been using the same computer that I started college with, and it was used when I got it.  So this is a wonderful upgrade for our family.  Then we had a simple dinner and cake.  Thanks Adam for a wonderful birthday!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cleaning ADD and Humiliated Pizza

I was trying to clean my house today.  As I was cleaning I realized that I have cleaning ADD.  This may be a direct result of having children.  I found myself putting a dish in the sink and then putting some laundry away only to pass back through the kitchen and wash a few dishes and then go back to the laundry and then do some mail and start to clear off the kitchen table when I realized I needed to finish putting away the laundry and when I passed back through the kitchen there was food that needed to be put away...This is just an example of my craziness.  All the while I was telling myself to focus on just one thing.  Do just one thing. It didn't work.  Part of it was trying to rush while Josh was napping part of it was just the quantity that needed to be done part of it was feeling very jumbled.  I need to make a checklist and check things off my list.

I decided to splurge today and buy a $4.99 pizza.  While Abby happily munched away I had to first humiliate my pizza.  I stripped off the cheese and then proceeded to eat the very disfigured pizza.  Unlike the picture above the pizza I ate knew what it was like to be dressed in fine mozzerella cheese.  Although I humiliated my pizza it was still yummy.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weekend with the Haynie's

This weekend my brother, Matt, and his family came up from Indiana to visit me.  Yay!   We had a bunch of fun.  Their two girls and Abby played and played and played.  We visited Kirtland and payed $2 to get into the Kirtland temple.  Then we went to the church's site for free.  Very cool.  We ate a whole bunch of food and had a whole bunch of fun.  Pictures will have to wait until I can borrow the laptop from Adam...story of my life.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A cake recipe for Becca and Heather

And anyone else who likes chocolate or "root beer" cake.  Check this blog out to find the delicious recipe.  My friend Jenny shared this cake with me and it is really yummy.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Missing Texas

I'm missing Texas today.  I miss my Texas home. 

Friday, November 6, 2009

Joshy update

A night ago my situation with Josh came to breaking point.  I was so frusterated that he wouldn't eat.  I put a lot of pressure on the little guy.  This only led to him crying.  Which only made me feel worse.  I decided to call the Ohio chapter of the La Leche League. 
Shockingly someone was there.  And helpful.  She made me feel better about the whole situation.  Ofcourse it was nice to talk to someone who's reactions wasn't "You're still nursing him?!?!? How can you still be nursing him?" followed by "You did all of that by yourself?" Talk about feeling like the fat girl in line for a double slice of pepperoni pizza and entire chocolate cake.  I didn't realize how much that impacted the way I was feeling and the way I was reacting to the situation.  We talked for a long long time.  Her daughter happened to be there and happened to be a speech pathologist.  This was really helpful because ultimately that is who we would work with.  This kind representative just ran by her daughter the situation and got some general advice for me.  She said that his situation doesn't sound severe at all and that she would just let him make a mess with food and play in it with him as often as we eat.  Expect a mess. 

So yesterday I took this advice to heart.  He just needs to experiment with food.  First I unscrewed his sippy cup and let him put his pudgy little hand in there and get a good feel of the water.  Then I put the lid back on it.  He immediately wanted some water.  Then we played with food.  The speech pathologist suggested heavily involving Abby.  She was a more than willingly participant.  We played with crackers and cheerios and pears.  I threw cheerios up and caught them in my mouth, which pleased the crowds.  Later that day I was snacking on a cracker and Josh wanted one.  He licked it.

We had spaghetti for dinner.  I let him play with every part of spaghetti although i did not mix them together. He tasted some juice, after feeling it.  He wore a noodle hat and I put the sauce on my lips and kissed him.  He liked that.  He thought it was funny to squish the meat in his hands and to throw the brocolli.  After dinner I pulled out a loaf of bread from the oven.  He wanted a piece.  He walked around with it guming it and chewing little pieces for about an hour.  Then he wanted more water. 

I aslo talked with parma pediatrics about our horrible experience.  It turns out that the lab order was sent and that the nurse that I talked too the second time simply didn't understand how to run the computer.  The labs are in and Joshy is nutritionally sound. I was concerned that he was anemic but his numbers are better than mine.  So yay!  No more needles.  The only thing I need to figure out now is why Josh is screaming for an hour and half in the middle of the night!  In the meantime I am enjoying the lack of diahrrea and knowing that he is getting all of the nutrition he needs right now. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hilary Weeks New Christmas CD

Hilary weeks new christmas CD is coming out fairly soon.  I actually really like Hilary Weeks and am excited to hear her new CD.  If you want to check it out you can go here.

Sunday, November 1, 2009