Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yesterday, things that I would find helpful as long as I don't forget...

Yesterday I wrote a blog but it was unable to be saved because my server couldn't contact blogger. Grrrrr and it was all lost. So here it is, the second less passionate things I need to remember.

Using soap scum remover on my razor makes it sharper and last longer

Drinking water before eating sweets helps me eat less, true for meals as well

Eating a piece of fruit, drinking water and waiting 15 minutes helps take cravings away

Do not, I repeat, do not eat a snickers or any other candy as a reward for working out. You will NOT lose weight.

Walmart price matches with most other stores. Also if you want to get less than or an odd amount of a x/$x then price compare at Walmart. They do not care if you buy the allotted number. However, they do not give you the bogo deals or get anything free or a % off.

Coupons really do save money. Especially if they double or triple, something Walmart does not do. But Albertsons and Krogers do.

I lose more weight by weight lifting than I do running. And weight lifting is easier to do when you are tired. So split my time postpartum with more weight training and less running. Until I am less jiggly because running is just more fun.

If you have good shampoo and conditioner you really don't have to condition everyday. Also a smaller bottle lasts longer than a bigger cheaper bottle.

Sometimes Garage Sales are awesome. Sometimes they are not. But they are always fun when you go with a friend.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

If I could magically...

If I could magically...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

That's not uncommon

I went to the doctor today. I had one issue besides pregnancy and a cold. The doctor just said that it was common in second and third pregnancies, that it would get worse and worse and then really bad. Then it would get a little better and that it will never go away. Then he said, you sound sick. I said yeah. He said, that's gonna linger and take you a while to get over.

On the bright side Adam and I may have found a car to buy. We have an appointment to get it on Saturday morning. The deal is contingent on whether or not the current owners can find a new car to buy. I'm praying that they do. It will be an awesome deal if we get it.

Abby is in swim lessons. She is doing really well in them. I think that she is the youngest one in her class. Technically you have to be 3 to go in it but she was ready so they advanced her to the pre-K level. She does really well going all of the way under the water, kicking, and she now paddles. She won't quite jump off the side into the water. She still reaches for your hands. I'm not really sure why they teach them to jump into the side anyway since they yell at you when you do it during normal hours. Today we had our safety day because it there were Thunderstorms. It was really pleasant. Now it is blistering hot again.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

From the Dumb Side

I was talking to one of four of my incredibly smart siblings. They were expressing the difficulty they have in respecting people of lesser intelligence. Now I have some experience on the other end. That is, the end of lesser intelligence. How do we cope with our stupidity? Do we understand that there are smarter people out there constantly annoyed at our existence? Do we understand that we, the stupids, are bringing down the earth's potential? Hardest of all, do we understand that our best is simply not good enough?

We cope with out stupidity a day at a time. We, the stupids, are often faced with our stupidity in hind sight. It is not as though we understand that our decisions are stupid at the time. This often leads to a lot of repenting everyday. You get good at saying sorry. You get good at taking responsibility, or accepting the blame. It might even take us a day or so to understand why it was our fault but after sometime on the stupid side you learn to just know that it was.

Some of us, most of us, are keenly aware that our stupidity annoys the intelligent side. Most often we are embarassed and wished that we were smarter. Sometimes we can find humor and make the intelligent side laugh, although this does come at a personal cost. Other times when we are jealous and mean spirited we use to frusterate and infuriate the intelligent side. We don't even have to try. Frusterating people is one of the few things that comes naturally to us.

I have yet to understand how I can compensate for my deterioration of the earth's potential. Although I may be a drain on human society I still feel that the commandment to procreate applies to me. So stopping the stupid gene is out. Maybe I am just too dumb think of a way. Genocide of the stupid people is unethical. I guess I just try my best everyday hoping that atleast my contribution to the negative side is less and less.

Lastly, yes we understand that we come up lacking even when we try the best. This has been the greatest lesson of my twenties. I take comfort in knowing that Heavenly Father loves me. That He made a plan for me so that when I come up lacking when I try my best there is someone there to save me- to make up for what I cannot on my own. This does not mean that when I fail a class that I still get to progress. It does not mean that I get what I was going for. It usually means that there is another way provided for me. It does mean that ultimately I will not be left behind and that someone will still be there helping me to understand when everyone else has given up.

Finally how can you as an intelligent person cope being around the stupids? I don't know. I'm too stupid.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Grandpa Haynie

Today Grandpa Haynie (Donald Lee Haynie) passed away. I remember him singing "I'm so pretty, so pretty and witty and gay!!!" after allowing me to "do his hair". I also remember him calling me "you-sell-us" and then spelling it so I would get it "U S E L E S S". Or Lzabeth. I always enjoyed it when he would pop his teeth out. I have appreciated his tireless work in family history and keeping the family connected with his viginettes. I'll always remember my father reading "grandpa stories" to us. I remember him sealing Adam and I in the Bountiful temple. I'm sad to know that I won't be recieving a phone call from Grandpa in October after my son is born asking me all of his information to be shared in the viginette. However I know that he is having a great time meeting all of the people that he researched for so long.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Middle Earth and Tattoo Day

The pool is open! Yay! Abby and I were there this last Saturday hanging out. As we entered the pool and got into the crowd I started to feel a little different. I noticed that EVERY adult had a tattoo. Not just half the people but really I was the only adult 18+ without a tattoo. I even looked for a sign that said "Tattoo Day".
n conjunction with this thought I have noticed that a lot of people here in Texas look like they crawled out from middle earth. They are freakish in someway. Actually I think that I maybe warped. My friend Alyssa blogged about the concept of a Monkeysphere quite sometime ago. Here is a wikipedia link There are much less than 150 people in my monkeysphere here in TX. And if you are not within my monkeysphere I think that you look like someone from middle earth. An alien of sorts. Human almost.

I also noticed that I am only a good judge of how beautiful or ugly you are when I still think that you belong to this middle earth. Once I have met you and made a decision about wether I like you then you are either beautiful or ugly. After you enter the monkeysphere it really doesn't matter what you actually look like to me, it just matters how I perceive you as a person. This makes it more difficult to overcome instances where I don't like you. Becuase then you are ugly. And often times it extends to offend my olfactory senses, where I think you stink. This makes is really difficult for people who I initially don't like to be liked by me. For instances there is this new missionary. He made me mad once because Abby had her little hand out to shake his hand and he walked by her like she was a pile of books. This happened twice. It made me really mad. I haven't liked him since. And now he is ugly and smelly. He tries really hard to be extra nice to me because I am really bad at hiding my disgust for him. This is true in other instances. I think that my church bully looks just like Lisa Simpsons bully. I wish I could find a cure for my nerd juice since I see her so often. But she is remarkably more ugly now than when she was in the Middle Earth category.