Tuesday, August 31, 2010

He's Got the Look

Today I took Josh to CVS with me.  I was buying 15 boxes of kleenex and a bottle of dawn.  Sounds pretty straight forward right?   Nope.  First I had to chase him from aisle to aisle and made some superficial attempts at replacing the zillions of items he dumped to the ground after pronouncing it "cute".  I tried to get him to help with the Kleenex's with NO success.  Finally I trapped him in the basket and managed to stave off the head first dives with my arm as I pushed my basket to the front.  It's always in the checkout lane where humiliation really intensifies.  The clerk and I figured out that I picked out 6 wrong boxes for the coupons I was using.  Since there was no one in the line I jetted back with Josh "the human tongue" wriggling in my arms to get the correct boxes.  Somehow with his super tongue abilities he slipped out of my arms and with that look in his eyes he ran away squealing like a pig on speed.  I trotted after him, spaceship belly in tow.  Luckliy, I thought, he was headed for the clerk.  As she finished up my order, I chased after the greased pig with onlookers galore.  I finally caught him and jailed him in the basket and tried to load my hoards of kleenex's with him.  How naive am I?  Every bag that passed his jailed domain was stripped and the kleenex boxes chucked to the floor.  Some angel came and asked how she could help me.  I asked her to load the cart while I restrained Josh.  She even pushed the cart out to my car!  She was really apprecaited today.  20 feet was all it was but it saved me more humiliation and sweet time. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

I should...and my what a grouchy pregnant lady you are...

post about Abby's first day, but since I am not yet emotionally stable about the whole thing yet it will have to wait.  Don't worry about Abby though, she is doing great. 
Here I am in my last couple of months of pregnancy (supposedly) and I have already given up the drive to run.  Outside.  I haven't run for about two weeks now.  It feels like forever.  I take early morning walks much to the dismay of my husband and squeeze in atleast thirty minutes on the eliptical machines.  I thought atleast at the gym I would be free of comments.  I'm fairly good at ignoring the general population, smell included, of a gym.  But today some old guy came to the machine right next to me.  There were like 3 other available machines that he could have chosen that were not right next to me.  This was rule #1 that he broke.  Then he stared at me and began a conversation.  Rule #2 broken.  He then told me how great he thought it was that I was still going.  Like my heart and legs and brain are supposed to stop.  Like I am a terminaly ill patient.  Rule #3 broken.  He then decided to ask me how many other children I have and how far apart they are and my goodness how close they are!  His meandering sperm only managed to knock up 3 women in a space of 15 years!  How dare I in a committed relationship stumble upon 3 children in 5 years!  Well I certainly have my hands full and no wonder I am working out.  I really wanted to hurt this guy.  Really bad.  He broke every rule I have about going to the gym and being in public generally. I want a work out tech tee that boldly states "I HATE OLD MEN".

Monday, August 23, 2010

Buddy Walk 2010

This last Saturday the kids and I went to the 2010 Buddy Walk.  We walked with Sawyer's Soldiers, sponsoring a cute little boy who I taught in Nursery.  It was really fun.  We all walked around Progressive Field, jumped and slid on inflatible bounce houses, got tattoed, and face-painted.  They also served lunch.  It was a great time.
Abby and Emma during the walk.
Josh playing peekaboo during the walk.  He had already torn his shirt off.

Friday, August 20, 2010

5 days

I have 5 days until my daughter officially starts school.  5 days left of her wild curly hair and wild demeanor pooring through my house.  5 days left of temper tantrums, fights, and HUGE messes caused by her.  5 days left of her asking to help clean, cook, and play with Joshy.  5 days left of lunches together everyday.  5 days left of boredom together.  5 days left of spontaneous fun together.  5 days left together.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Forgiving Myself

I haven't blogged for a long time because I got behind.  And then I thought I needed to catch up.  And then things piled up.  I have a lot of pictures from Indiana and DC and being home.  We've had a blast swimming at the middleburgh heights pool and going to various parks around here and just being at home.  We have struggled with teething and allergies and tempter tantrums and doctor's appointments and dentist appointments.  We have gotten up early and slept in.  There.  I think I covered it.  I can now move on.

Most of the blogs I've wanted to write have been much more essay opinionated blogs.  Some of them have been shareable and others that will remain in the recesses of my brain.  Today, however, I wanted to share a few recipe's that my family LOVES.

We love penne rustica  (http://excellenteats.blogspot.com/2010/02/penne-rustica.html) and orange chicken and chicken enchiladas .    As always we love stromboli.  I made up my own grilled cheese and ham recipe.  You butter both sides of a peice of toast  grill one side of both pieces of bread and put ham on skillet and let it brown.  Flip them over, lightly spread spicy mustard on one peice add pepper jack cheese to the other slice and cheddar to the other and ham inbetween.  Smoosh them together after the bread is browned and enjoy!  You may want to keep Tums on hand for afterward...and own a treadmill for later that night when the guilt stops by.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Adam's first week off

We went all over northeast ohio during the first week and a half of Adam's break.  The zoo, the rainforest, Rocky River Reservation, the natural history museum to name a few.  It was nice to know our area better.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Broken Phone line

We came home on Saturday with a rude surprise.  A few actually.  We are without phone/internet until Thursday.  Something happened, we don't know what and it will take them that long to fix it.  So that's where I am.