Sunday, July 25, 2010

Camping at Geneva State Park and other fun adventures

This last week we stuck close to cleveland but we did a lot of stuff.  We went to the RainForest at the Cleveland Zoo, which was really fun.  And ofcourse for our budding dino baby we went through the dino exhibit.  Josh loved each and every dinosaur taking time to examine each one.  Abby was excited to be squirted by the dino's that squirt water at you.  It was a hot day!
The next day we went to the Natural History Museum.  We spend ALL day there and still didn't see everything they had.  We really liked their dino section (for obvious Joshy reasons).  They also had a nice living history museum (little zoo) and a fun discovery zone.
On Wednesday we headed to Rocky River Reservation and walked all around this huge tundra.  It helped keep us cool and we had a beautiful bird's eye view of the Rocky River that empty's into Lake Erie.  We took Lainee with us on that trip and she had a blast chasing squirrels and chipmunks.  The kids both had fun chasing her. 
Thursday we stayed home and packed for our camping trip on Friday.  It was the first time that I can remember being at a campsite before dusk!  I love it!  We pitched our tent and headed over to Geneva State Park's Beach.  Wow!  I have to say it was wonderful.  The lake was clean and so was the beach.  I was worried about how hot it was until we dipped in and then everyone cooled right off.  We stayed until the ominous clouds in the sky and the lifegaurds chased us out.  We rinsed off and then headed to our friends campsite for some hot dogs.  Not much later it started to rain, heavily.  We didn't even get to make s'mores!  The rain came down and the floods came up and  needless to say our little campsite was flooded.  We ended up driving the hour home and sleeping in our own beds.  It was good too because we ended up with a flat tire.  The next morning after getting it fixed we headed back up to the state park.  Our friends, who braved the storm, told us that we had squatters on our campsite.  We talked to the park ranger and got a refund.  We spend the rest of the day at the beach.  The kids loved every minute of it and so did we.  So much in fact that we did not take a single picture.  We used floaties to surf the kid sized waves.   There was a long sandbar that was pefect for us to play in.  It was a great week!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Running Entry? Really?

Yep, really.  Anyway  I am definitely to the point in pregnancy where there are good days and bad days.  Just a week ago I took a leisurely 4.5 mile run.  It felt really great and I thought I could do it hours before going into labor.  Then there are days when I look at the floor from my bed and just will my body to move.  And nothing in the way of movement occurs. 
Today I accidently slept in.  We are dog sitting a beautiful mutt who loves to bark at the most inopportune moments.  Like right before I am getting ready to get my stuff on to go running.  She barked and barked and woke up Josh so instead of stealthily (ha ha like I could do that when I'm not pregnant nontheless toting around St Nick's stomach) slipping out the door I layed in bed and cuddled my baby.  And slept until 8.  instead of 6.  The big deal here is the temperature.  Ohio is by no means hot but since my core temp runs a little hotter now, plus the exertion of said St Nick Belly, I can't make myself run in temps above 75.  Plus my ob/gyn said not to.  It was only 2 degrees more than that when I finally headed out.  77 should be no biggy for a Texas native but today it stopped me in my tracks.  with a dog desperately trying to pull me forward.  I made it all of 1/3 mile.  And then headed home.  Too hot. 
I read Kristin Armstrong's latest post and wished for non-pregnant days.  Days when I am not sharing my body in one way or another.  Alone.  Where the only one who depends on my body is me.  Even just for a few hours, just me. I know that this will happen one day.  It just is a lot of days, months, and even years away.  

Friday, July 16, 2010


Last night Abby had a tee ball game.  I was there with Josh and he was busy.  He played catch with one of the dad's for a good while but when that lost his interest he moved on.  He moved on to an older gentleman and his wife who were watching their granddaughter play.  He walked over and played with this guys keys that were attached to his belt loop via a carribeaner.  I was right there, nervous, but as far as I could tell it was okay.  He went through each one of the keys with the Grandpa who seemed happy with the attention.  Tee ball is not a very exciting game.  Right as Josh seemed he was going to head off into another direction he got his pointy little finger and jammed it into this unsuspecting Grandpa's crotch and yelled "Weinee!!!"  I apologized and then said I was going to go die on the other side of the field.  And I did, trails of laughter from the victim and wife trailing after me.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ultimate Direction Strider Women's Hydration Pack

I took that baby for a run this morning.  It's my new best friend.  Totally worth every penny I paid for it.  On another note I do not understand why people think that telling me their wild ferocious growling fanged large dog 'would never hurt anything' as it is lunging for anything with a heart beat should calm me down as I pass the strained 'walker'.  I feel like I should carry some sort of defense just in case the wild beast tears free of its captor...

Thursday, July 8, 2010


At our house summer means tan lines.  Major tan lines. 


Water.  Lots of water. 

Bob's House

Over the weekend I headed to Indiana with the kids for Bob's birthday.  Ironically I came back with no pictures of Bob.  Sorry Bob.  I took very few pictures, probably because I was constantly watching my punks. We all had a blast.  Matt and Kristy took us swimming and then to Pizza Hut.  Made me feel like a safe little kid again.  Reminded me of Daddy.  It was nice. 
On Bob's birthday we all went to church and then ate lunch and pretended to take naps.  Ha ha.  Then we had a big bbq with Gabe and Laura and family.  We heard a few fireworks and lit some fun sparklers.  Abby was pretty scared of them, in a delighted sort of way.  We sang to Bob and opened presents with Bob.  He was the man of the night.  What a cutie he is!  On Monday Abby cried because she was leaving her playmates.  She wanted to play more.  But Josh's tan was fading so we needed to head home on Monday.  Thanks everyone for such a great time! 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Picture Catch Up

Abby's Preschool Graduation.  Here she is with her friend Elizabeth.
This is the preschool love triangle.  Johnny loves Abby who loves Bobby who doesn't know that girls exist.
When they sang "You are my sunshine" Abby actually turned to Bobby and sang the whole song to him.

We went camping.  It was fun.  We didn't take very many pictures.  This was the best one.

Joshy's toenail fell off after he dropped the shovel on it.  Gross.  Adam informed me that it take an average of 9 months for a toenail to grow back.

The Laura Haynie's came to visit.  We had a great time.  Abby likes to dress for the opposite season.  It's a daily battle.

Abby with Kevin and Emelyn.  They are so cute!

My cute punks. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


This morning as I was pondering and thinking through parts of my life and I guess in a strange way seeking guidance I had an impression.  Strength grows where it needs too.  It may not sound profound but to me, this morning, it was.