Sunday, November 6, 2011

Josh in November

Dear November

You have been great really. We visited Patterson Farms and had a great time. The weather has been ideal and the colors youake are amazing.

But let's talk about my son Josh for a minute. You see it was Octobers job to potty train him and make him a little calmer. But something didn't stick. Remember how hard of a job October had. It had so much! And now work has spilled over.

Josh put several attachments to a screwdriver set, a measuring spoon, and a home teaching sheet into his favorite juice. In fact the only juice left in the house. He then dumped put all of Abby's candy on his bedroom floor and peed on the stairs while I was in the shower.

Church was no better. Beyond his normal restlessness he decided to parade me around like a Luchadore sprinting and wrestling him to the ground. He dumped crayons, beat up
His sisters and full on screamed during the service.

If this was not enough he really went for it after church. At first he simply flitted from area to area making mess upon mess. He sugared himself up with sugary treats galore (certainly pilfered from his sisters stash) and then quietly slipped himself into the bathroom to "make bubbles" by pour my hand soap down the drain and running water over it.

Relieved by this break I decided to show him how to play with the water without angering his mother. I plugged the sink and filled it half full of water adding just a few squirts of soap and let him splash around. I then left to finish making dinner.

Josh was entranced and for the moment I felt the days "activities" winding down.

Until I noticed water dripping out of the kitchens light fixture.

Adam, downstairs with Abby, heard only my emergent cries and the stampede of his frantic wife up the stairs. I was unplugging the drain and stopping the water. Also I was trying not to be angry with a very confused Josh. He was slightly alarmed and beginning to panic when I found him.

My reaction did not calm him down.

The waterfall in the kitchen however did.

Shall I continue on about how din we and home teaching went? No. You were there witnessing it with me.

Please November show mercy where October didn't.


A Girl Born in November

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The return of blOgging

Dear November

Please show mercy everywhere that October did


A Girl Born in November