Friday, April 30, 2010


Isaiah 40:31 But they that await upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

If I ever need inspiration, something to make me feel like doing something Kristin Armstrong is where I turn.  She wrote a post called The Wall today.  I've felt like in a personal way I have very much found 'the wall' and am now in a struggle, a battle, with it. 
Part of my wall is the sinking dispair of gaining weight again and the inability to do more.  It's so minor compared to other giants in my life but its one that's bringing me down.  I've worked so hard and everytime I work so hard there's never anytime to enjoy it.  And the fact that a marathon, a real marathon, is once again put on hold for atleast 2 years.  Sinking.  I've really considered just ignoring all the reasons that I shouldn't and just training anyway.  Atleast getting back up to a 10k.  I'm more than 1/2 way there.  2 more miles at a moderate pace?  Okay so I've already given myself persmission to do that one. 
Its just hard when life changes, regardless of the reason, and you have to reset your goals, even your finish line changes directions.  It can be hard to stay motivated with so much change.  Hard to stay consistent and together.  I realized today that nearly everyday I have been in public I have ended up in a stained shirt.  I put on clean nonstained clothes I leave the house in clean clothes but within moments it seems there is something magically and unforgivingly on my shirt/pants/child...And no one else seems to be falling apart like me. 
The good news is that I know that I'm in a period of growth.  Soon I will be strong enough to face the challenges and for a short while I will get to enjoy it before I am hit again.  Yeah, growth is how I handle my wall.

Blogs I have started

I have started a lot of blogs and not finished one.  I want to share how hard, fun, funny, scary, tiring, and generally good life has been.  I want to share how much I am enjoying Ohio, how fantastic the people here are, and how beautiful God has made this place.  I want to chronicle the lives of my children, because they are incredible and going by so fast.  But at the end of the day, when there is peace and quiet I have no energy left to come up here and write.  I know this is a passing phase and that soon I will gather the strength and be more energetic.  In the meantime though these are my thoughts.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Poor Sick Abby

So Abby has been coughing since Monday.  I haven't been able to get it under control.  I didn't want to take her back to the doctor we had been going to because she didn't seem very knowledgable...So with an asthma attack in full swing I decided to switch doctors.  I called a popular doctor's office group and asked if any of their doctors handled asthma.  The secretary immediately said Dr Levy.  Ahhhh.  It was so nice to know that atleast this doctor was interested in my kid's problem.
They got me in this morning only an hour after I called.  So I lugged my kids out the door along with the pharmacy I had been using to treat Abby.  The doctor was great.  I really like her and so did Abby.  She said that I did everything right but there was a lot going on that I didn't know about.  Like the double ear infection.  Or the severe sinusitis.  Or the thick mucous allergy.  But the doctor still said I had done everything right, including waiting four days to bring her in.  Anyway we left knowing that Abby has a tree allergy, which is one of her triggers, and that she has an infection, another trigger.  The doctor prescribed asthma medicines through the tree allergy season (end of may) and said that we will see if she has a grass allergy in June.  All in all I came away with the original three medicines plus four or six more.  I am truly the medicine woman now.  Or rather Abby is. 
She is currently watching My Little Pony's in her room and trying desperately not to cough or hurt anymore.  Considering how sick she is she is doing very well.  Hopefully with our new aresenol we can stave off any more episodes like this.

Friday, April 16, 2010

You might be a Haynie if...


you exercise moderately and sweat enough that  people think you just got caught in a rain storm/or just finished a shower.

people say privately or to your face that you ought to stop sticking your butt out.  Nope its just made that way.

your nose has a built in eye-glass shelf.  Seems like we never would have to push up our glasses with that big bump there to keep them up.

you are given the choice to take an academic test or go to a social event and you have really think about it.  The answer usually depends on the food.

it's time to leave but not EVERYONE is ready to go so you go do something else instead of just waiting a few minutes (like playing every scott joplin or in my case chopin song that you have ever learned before you leave the house).  Then your nearly irate spouse or child has to reign you into the car.  Really this stems from an intense hatred of waiting.  I'm thinking that if you could just fit the piano in the car I could wait there...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Day

We did a little egg hunt in our backyard.
It was really fun.
We also had a nice Ham Easter Dinner.  Yumm!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

More Pictures.

Abby eating at an Easter Party.
Hunting for eggs at the Easter Party.
Joshy hunting for eggs.
Waiting in line to hit the pinata. 
Easter morning at our house.
Josh thinking this is crazy cool.
What his mouth looked like for the rest of the day.  Except chocolaty-er.
Abby with her zhu zhu pet that the Easter bunny gave her.

Picture Catch Up

Toby and Josh having a nap
Abby saying goodbye to Toby.  She cried for 2 days after he went back to his home.  We've had a sleepover since then.
We went to a fancy hotel over one of Adam's break.  This is the jetted tub.
Joshy resting from jumping on the bed.
Abby and me at the science center in Cleveland.  I think Abby took her hands off the static bar and lost some of the static.
Joshy in the ball pit at the Science Center.  He had a blast.
Joshy in his bunny ears.
Adam and Abby at the Cleveland Zoo.  Josh was too scared to sit with the monkey.
Me and Josh on the Tram that takes you up the big hill at the Cleveland Zoo.