Monday, April 21, 2008


I had my temple recommend interview yesterday with the Bishop. As he was asking me the questions I couldn't help but get a little emotional. I have a strong testimony of the gospel and I feel it such a privilege to have this testimony. I realized that a great deal of my testimony is about repentence. We really have the opportunity to become better people and to move in a positive direction because we have Jesus Christ as our intercessor. It is through Him that we can change our lives and be forgiven for past misdeeds. This is concept of moving forward and trying harder is a great deal of the action part of the gospel. This is our good works. To repent. To recommit to following our Father's will.


I just checked my time/place in the zoo run. My time was 33.18 which is about 4 minutes slower than last year. My place was 940 overall. Ick. I don't feel too badly, however, since most of my training this time was done on a treadmill. Next year I hope to be below 30 minutes again.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


This morning Adam and I ran the timed 5k zoo run run. I love going to the race. I get all nervous and I can hardly sleep the night before. This morning I woke up at 5:20 am but tried to stay in bed until the alarm went off. My legs get all jittery and I feel all excited. I love the race. It's like the excitement of Christmas for me. It's just fun and I'm always glad that I did it. This time I fell, and I fell pretty hard but I wasn't hurt. I will attribute it to pregnancy brain. I didn't see the orange cone and I tripped all over it and fell. No injury though. I tried to run a little further up ahead because I was embarrased. I'm sure that some slow poke said "I might be slow but at least I'm not dumb enough to trip over a cone!" That's okay. I still had fun.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Did You Know...

I have recently begun receiving REAL SIMPLE magazine. The most recent issue was all about laundry. I learned a lot from this issue but one really cool thing that I had never thought of was using it to wash Abby's toys. I put all of her plastic toys in the washer, well in three separate loads (no I did not separate into darks, lights and whites). You put it on the gentle cycle with a little bit of soap and I put bleach in as well. Anyway this was a much better way of doing it instead of individually wiping off each one. It also made me feel better because recently a lot of little little kids have come over and sucked on our toys...And I forgot which block or cup or figurine it was. But now they are all clean. Yay!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'll Stand By You

I was listening to the sirius radio on mom and dad's cable. I'll stand by you by the Pretenders came on. The first sentence says "There's nothing that you could confess that could make me love you less". I thought that was kind of funny. When we get married we kind of promise to be the best to each other, but we also promise to stand by each other through the worst of it. And it can get bad. Ironically we essentially give our partners the ability to hurt us the most. Marriage makes you so vulnerable. So unshielded. It often makes me feel uncomfortable to think of how much I depend on Adam. He takes a lot of crap stemming from that insecurity. It's not that he's not trustworthy. He is trustworthy. He's the best. But I hate to think of what would happen if he weren't. Back to the first sentence of I'll Stand By You. It's not true for me. Adam could say things that could make me hate him. He could do things that would bring me so much further down than death and hate. But maybe the action of love, maybe I would be strong enough to stand by him and eventually love him again. I respect the people that I know that give marriage this incredible commitment.

I miss my old was cooler

So I've started to blog 3 times in the last few weeks. It seems like something pops up everytime. I was going to blog about how horrendously ill I was over conference weekend. Then I was going to blog about the 1 day I worked last week. That was interesting. Then I was going to blog about how afriend of mine, heather, saw two people rondevous for what we are pretty sure was an affair and how that is not so uncommon here in Texas. Right now Abby is crying because I took her bowl of half eaten fruit loops away because she was digging through it with her and hands and trying to "ring out" the fruit loops. Maybe she likes them better dry. Anyway I miss my old blog. But also I miss having sometime to blog without huge interruptions like Abby standing next to me screaming.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lotion Baby

I have wanted to blog about this picture for a while. I was downstairs doing the dishes when I heard Abby at the back door sloshing in something. I found her like this. Covered literally from head to toe including her pajamas in lotion. She had found a bottle of lotion, luckily that was cheap and that I didn't like, and had smeared it all over herself and the upstairs bathroom. Carpet, sink, mirror, cabinets. She then came downstairs to continue her rain of terror. This all occured within a matter of minutes. Not even 10. It was so funny. The lotion come off of everything easily. Abby had a long moisturizing bath. Just to contrast the other picture is of Abby on a Sunday morning when she had been left alone for minutes. She put on her little sweater, hat, and shoes all by herself. You just never know with a two year old.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools? No. I am really pregnant. This is a lousy excuse for why I have not been blogging lately. Mostly I have wanted to complain about being sick and not feeling well. And then I kept saying that I had to put these pictures up before I could blog about anything else. I will be 12 weeks on Thursday. The doctor said that everything looks really great.