Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So much has happened in the last month and it is not slowing down. Last weekend Adam and I went to visit Aaron, Katherine, and Julianna. We had a blast. Abby stayed in Texas with Grandma. That too was very awesome (thank you Grandma). We had such a small amount of time but I feel like we got to spend some good time with the Tilleys. We made a pit stops everywhere else. I'll post some pictures and details later.

This weekend we are headed out to Austin and then we are done traveling until I have the baby. I'm pretty excited. It will also mark getting into a routine and being able to prepare for the baby. Next week we will start gymnastics and start working on preschool.

Working out took a noticable dive this week. Last week I struggled through a 3 mile run and then was sick for the last two days of my workout. Today was my first workout of the week and I could hardly make it a mile before the ligaments holding up my ginormous belly felt like they were going to snap. This with both a belly band and a belly belt. I wussed out and went for the crosstrainer. I'll try to run again later this week. My goal was 2 miles but we'll see. I'm just surprised at how quickly I've become uncomfortable. Last week all of my shirts fit and this week it doesn't feel like any of them fit.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I thought I would Ask

I thought I would ask all ye parents out there what you thought of this website. Do you think that the house fairy would be worth $13?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Okay Okay It's the Olympics

The other reason that I have not been posting is because I have been watching the olympics. I'm pretty stoked about swimming, gymnastics, and running this year. I love watching Michael Phelps, ofcourse. It will be awesome to watch him win #8 tomorrow. I know more about the olympians in general this year. Woefully I do not like watching volleyball. If I did I would be in heaven because it feels like it is on all the time. Overall I am really enjoying it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Abby and Adam are sick

That is why I am not posting.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Abby's Birthday

Abby's birthday wiped me out. And her. I would love to go on strike and not do anything for a month. But tomorrow is Adam's birthday. And we have swim lessons. and and and. the list goes on.

It started early in the morning when Abby woke up. We gave her two presents, a princess Barbie (Erika) and a Cinderella Bath Barbie that changes colors in the water. Then Daddy and Mommy took her to the donut shop to eat breakfast before Daddy went to work. After that we ran a few errands before swim lessons started. We went to swim lessons and then ran a few more errands.

When we got home Abby got to sit down and watch tv while eating ravioli and peaches. Then she played with her Barbies for a while. Next Abby and mommy went swimming. The Steers Herd minus Ben came and took over while I went and decorated the cake and picked up the pizza. We ate pizza at the pool and got home in time to meet Mimi and Granddad.

We all sang "Happy Birthday" to Abby and she blew out the candles on her princess cake. We all ate cake and ice cream. Then we opened presents. She got books from her uncles on Adam's side and a princess bike and helmet from Mimi and Granddad. Sara and Ivy gave Abby her most favorite presents of Barbie's and Barbie accessories. Far too much to list here. Grandpa and Grandma got Abby a nice card and as she squeeled "MONEY!!!".

After everyone left Abby went upstairs and played with her Barbies quietly while Adam and I put up her new curtains, pillows, and sheet set. I made the curtains and 9 pillows and we bought the sheet set. Then we corralled her into bed. She was exhausted and barely made it through scriptures and prayer. She had a good time.

I can't believe she is three. I am so glad that she is mine and that she is not ready to leave yet. It was so fun to spend her third birthday with her.

Monday, August 4, 2008

A List In Progress

Adam asked for this list and this seems like a good place to keep it.
It is a list in progress ofcourse but is getting more comprehensive everyday.

  • crib sheets
  • contoured diaper pad
  • contoured diaper pad sheets
  • Boy receiving blankets
  • Boy blankets
  • Socks of all sizes
  • 1-2 boy bath towels
  • washclothes
  • bath soap
  • Boy toys
  • I have a lot of newborn and size 1 diapers
  • Any other helpful things you had with your boys

Newborn/ 0-3 (Fall)

  • blessing outfit
  • nice church outfit
  • rompers/sleep 'n' play/ casual clothes for around the house
  • I do have a one piece winter covering for him that will last for 6 months just in case...

3-6 Months (Winter-ha ha)

  • 1-2 pack onesies, (I have about 6 long sleeved onesies)
  • rompers/sleep 'n' play/ casual clothes for around the house
  • 2-3 more pajamas

6 + Months (summer)

  • Everything except shorts for 6-9 months

Like I said before this is not a comprehensive and final list. Rather a list in progress. I have looked through the clothes I have and feel that this is a good list as far as that goes. I do have a car seat, crib, baby bouncer and exersaucer we will be reusing for the big items. I think that I can find my old diaper bag...I am not sure if I still have a traveling diaper station. I will be making a diaper stacker this week.