Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ultimate Direction Strider Women's Hydration Pack

That's fancy for fanny pack.  For a few years now I have been running with a $5 walmart run of the mill fanny pack.  It would be fine except for some fairly major problems.   The biggest problem is that the interior of the pack has been degrading since I bought it, leaving little bits of black plastic all over everything including my water bottle.  For the most part a good blowing off seems to get rid of the offending plastic.  The other problem is jiggle.  It is VERY jiggly.  I've become accostomed to it, but still it is obnoxious.  The third and final point is fit.  It doesn't fit very well at all.  Especially with a pregnant belly. 
So after YEARS of searching and hemming and hawing I finally decided to buy a new fanny pack.  I researched the different types online and decided on this fancy name in heading pack.  I ordered my $5 swagbucks gift card and sat and waited.  And waited. and waited.  and watched as my favorite colors were all sold out.  And then finally today even though my Amazon gift card has STILL not been delivered despite all of the confirmations and stuff I broke down and bought one of the last two.  Grey and blue.  But who cares?  I am sooo excited to finally have a pack that will not require blowing and wiping off my water bottle.  Where I do not scare off wildlife and other runners alike with my obnoxious jiggling sound.  And most of all I am excited for something that is made for women and can potentially navigate my baby belly a little better.  Can't wait to get it next week!  Just in time for my first attempt at 6 miles since I was pregnant with Joshy...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A new Post

I realized today that I am reading everyone else's blogs but not posting any of my own.  Even though there is a lot to say. 
Josh has really started to talk a lot and is even more proficient at climbing and running and all things physical.  Except growing.  He is only an inch or two bigger than when we left Texas and is still fitting in his 12 month clothes from last summer just fine.  He eats well and drinks a ton.  "Thirsty" was one of his first words and is his most often used phrase. He has started calling me Mommy which is absolutely fantastic.  I spend most of my life chasing Josh and saving his life.

Abby is currently in Safety School of Parma and Tee-Ball.  She likes them both.  I'm not really sure she is learning a lot at Safety School but she likes it because they get to see animals and movies.  She likes Tee Ball even though she is not very good yet.  I need to buy her a bat and a tee so she can practice at home.  She is SUPER excited for swim lessons to start next week and I am trying to decide if we should buy a swim pass.  The pools here are not zero grade and the kiddy pools are too young for Abby.  Decisions, decisions.  Abby is starting to ask me addition problems and is sort of acting more interested in reading on her own.  Mostly she just colors.  A lot.  It's all over the place.  Don't light a match in my house because it is mostly paper...

Adam is at school.  If he's not at school he's at church. If he's not at church then he's helping someone move.  If he's not helping someone move he's giving a blessing.  If he's not giving a blessing then he might be playing with his kids or watching Lost. 

I have been focused on keeping Josh alive (this is more than a full time job), driving Abby everywhere and fun places in between, and trying to stay fit.  I decided to up my mileage to atleast a 10k.  I am up to 5 miles on my long run so far.  This next month I'm going for 6 miles.  It's been so nice to run outside and be outside and love outside.  I feel great and less tired and healthier.  This new baby girl is starting to move a lot and complains when I twist.  She's going to be a handful, I can just feel it.  I'm pretty scared to have a third kid.  

Laura and her four kids drove up from Indy.  It was so nice to see them and to have company at our house.  I love all of them so much and it is nice to see them whenever I can.  I tried to spoil them but I think that Grandma Stearns beat me to the punch.  That's okay though we all still had a good time.  Laura also brought me some essential baby gear and maternity clothes!  What a blessing!  We really needed these items and I am so relieved to have them and know that they are good quality.  We are planning on getting together again soon with the Laura and Kristy Haynie families.  I can hardly wait! 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grouchy Randomness

You know when you have been thinking too much.  People hear you talking to yourself and you find yourself mumbling about things that happened too long ago to care?  When you are pieved that the world changes, even if they are good changes because it means that you have to 'keep up' too.  When everything is hard, even things you love.  And you feel heavier.  I feel like complaining about everything.  and doing nothing.    And then crying.  A lot.  Go ahead and blame it on my hormones.  GO AHEAD.

Monday, June 7, 2010

It's been a while

I've been really tired at night, and in the afternoon and so mostly most of the time.  Imagine that right?  So it's been quite a while since I last blogged mostly because every waking moment hasn't been very often.  I have a ton to blog about but tonight it is just one simple thing.

We are expecting our HEALTHY little girl on October 24, 2010.